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What is the average temperature on Maui?
71F - 78F depending on the season.

There is a surfing cove right across the street from your condo. Where is the closest place to rent surfboards?

There is a place called Surf Shack on Auhana Rd at S. Kihei Rd (see Maps) which is only about a 3 minute walk away. Rentals are $35 or less depending on the length of time you want the board for. Visit their website here.
A little bit further down the road is Big Kahuna Adventures and their rental costs are essentially the same, but it is an 8-10 minute walk to get there. You can visit their website here 

What sort of things are there to do on Maui?
There are literally hundreds of things to do on this island. There is snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, luaus, horseback riding, hiking, driving, shopping, museums, aerial tours, sightseeing... the list goes on. There are many websites dedicated to activities on Maui. A few of them are Go Hawaii, Visit Maui, Budget Travel, and Trip Advisor.

Where is a good place to go snorkeling?
Molokini, a volcanic crater just south of Maui, is an absolutely fantastic place to go snorkeling, and there are lots of companies offering snorkel packages. One of our favourite places to go snorkeling on island is Ulua beach in Wailea, but beware because there is limited parking! This handy website lists many of the snorkel sites on Maui.

Which Molokini package should we choose?
My advice is to get a whole bunch of pamphlets from a place like Whalers General Store or a Boss Frog's kiosk and compare the prices. The packages I recommend are ones that leave from places like the Maui Prince or Makena Landing to minimize travel time since Molokini is only about 3 miles away. Also, make sure to go on a morning trip to avoid the waves and to get the clearest waters possible. For one such package, visit this website but I am not sure if this is the best deal, so it is best to browse the pamphlets.

How far away is Wailea? I'd like to be fairly close to the golf courses.
Wailea is only about 3 miles from our location, so depending on which golf course you are going to, it will probably be a 4 to 6 minute drive.

How long does it take to drive to the top of the volcano?
This is quite dependant on traffic so it can be anywhere from 1 to 2 hours from Kihei. This is a good website to visit if you are interested in Haleakala.